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Enhance your brand and shelf appeal

WestRock portfolio of shrink sleeve solutions

Whether you’re in the food, beverage, household, nutritional, or health and beauty industry—shrink sleeve packaging is an attractive, low-cost way to differentiate your product on the shelf and maximize brand identity.

WestRock shrink sleeve beverage applications


Engaging customers through engaging graphics

For over 75 years, we’ve worked with leading brands to find the most effective shrink sleeve packaging solutions to maximize your product’s shelf impact and increase sales. Shrink sleeves provide 360-degree art coverage allowing your product to have total shelf exposure.

We print on a variety of different film materials, including an eco-friendly, sustainable shrink sleeve film, and we employ a wide variety of specialty inks and finishes.

Shrink sleeve label features include:

  • 360 degree eye-catching graphics
  • Maximized area for product, brand and promotional information
  • Suite of high impact decorations suitable for many primary pack shapes
  • Brand safety with integral tamper evidence and serialization options


  • Gravure, flexo and digital printing routes for cost effective production
  • Foiling and novel decorative technologies now available
  • Anti-counterfeit and tracking features
  • Printing technologies include flexographic, inkjet, gravure and digital
  • Our flexo and digital shrink sleeves are suitable for a range of packs including plastic, glass and aluminium and include an array of perforation options

Shrink 101

Managing your brand identity while saving money through shrink sleeves!

Consumer buying research shows that consumers use visual stimulation as the first line in their decision-making. This is the main reason that most companies spend millions on visual advertising in print, media, or on the internet. In a similar vein, shrink sleeves provide an immediate, point-of-sale visual appeal that drives sales.

Download our Brand Identity white paper
WestRock portfolio of shrink sleeve solutions
Wrapped cooler with shrink sleeve application

Critical performance considerations of shrink sleeve label application

This white paper is a basic guide for product design and packaging teams to understand the issues to be consid­ered when applying a shrink sleeve label. Knowing critical application performance requirements will allow for maximum shelf impact and brand identity.

Download our Brand Identity white paper

Shrink sleeve packaging in four easy steps

Shrink sleeve labels are an attractive, shelf-defining low cost way to sell your product and gain market share. In order to make a product you can be proud of you must consider a variety of issues when beginning a shrink project.

In this paper, we will outline for your product design and packaging teams the best way to approach the project to make it a success.

Download our Brand Identity white paper
WestRock shrink sleeve solutions cover whole containers

Graphic Guidelines

Ready to move forward?

Click below to download our graphics guidelines for details on how creative files should be prepared and sent to us for consideration. Contact us to move forward with an evaluation.

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