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Premium products demand premium packaging

Rigid tube products for the liquor industry

WestRock is a leading supplier of custom rigid tube packaging to the premium drink, health and beauty, confectionery and fine food markets.

We are experts at creating luxurious rigid tube packaging that instantly conveys the value and quality of the product inside. Our innovative design work has won multiple awards across industries and we are dedicated to making sure your brand shines.

We begin with thoughtful design, paper choice, closures or bodyboard through to finishing techniques such as hot or cold foiling and hi-rise varnishing that ensure when your product arrives, your customer has an exceptional experience.  


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  • Produced in small quantities or high volumes
  • Producer of both the paper-based core and the outer tube wrap, ensuring full quality control and color consistency
  • Wide selection of materials available
  • Cylindrical, oval, triangular, and square shapes possible
  • Over 100 different tube diameters; cylindrical from 0.8 inches - 6 inches (21mm – 152mm) and shaped tubes from 5.9 inches - 14.8 inches (150mm – 375mm) in circumference
  • Internal fitments/components can be engineered to meet specific needs for product presentation, protection and housing
  • 3- and 4-piece tubes possible
  • Wide range of premium print finishing available, including foiling and DecTech effects
  • Labeling
  • Range of metal, plastic or paperboard closures available
  • Paperboard closure has the integral strength to safely hold a 75cl bottle
  • Ideal replacement for tin-plate containers
  • Turnaround times typically 8-12 weeks from artwork approval


Unique solutions for designer brands and luxury labels

Our selection of rigid tube solutions includes spirally wound, shaped tubes, cut out and composite. We can create custom designs for premium products, promotional or new products and even boutique brands. We offer an extensive range of sizes, shapes and colors complemented with foils, varnishes or an embossed finish. All of our rigid tubes are available with either tin or paper bases. 

Custom Designs for Premium Products

  • Promotional, new products or refreshed designs
  • Developing concepts, solving problems or designing and constructing a tube solution for a product

Themed Look-alikes

  • Great for promotional tie-ins
  • Creation of packaging with a familiar feel to sell a themed product in a different (upscale) market

Low Volume, High End Composite Cans

  • Great for boutique and smaller brands who need a composite can
  • Classic constructions and designs

Product Examples



A sustainable alternative to traditional single use plastics

EcoPush® is an all-paperboard direct package for oil-based solids such as balm, salves, solid perfume, sunscreen and deodorant.

The EcoPush has been designed to replace pocket-sized plastic twist-up applicators. Each tube has a fitted cap on top and a free moving paperboard disc which pushes upwards to dispense the product. Various sizes and formats available from 2oz (57g) and 3oz (85g).


  • Each container is made from up to 80% recycled materials (60% post-consumer content).
  • Special paper liner and internal composition limit the potential for oil to penetrate the inner architecture of the package.
  • Adhesives are FDA compliant and aqueous rather than solvent-based.


  • EcoPush provides a fully sustainable alternative to plastic, metal or glass bottles or jars traditionally used as primary-packaging materials.
  • EcoPush is constructed of paperboard.



Where form meets function

Functional package that utilizes a secure plastic bottom and plastic top – which includes shaker tops and plugs. Available in diameters ranging from 1-1/4 – 6” (32 – 152 mm).


  • Shaker Top: Permanent bottom combined with plastic rotor dispenser top used to securely contain and dispense powders, crystals and granules
  • Inner Cap: Single piece tube with plastic bottom and plastic reclosable lid
  • Flush Fit: 3-piece telescoping tube with permanent plastic ends



100% recyclable and organic

Our natural collection containers can be customized with your artwork and design elements while maintaining their earthy appeal. With the right printing stock, they exude sustainability inside and out and made from 100% paper and finished with formed kraft paperboard end closures. Available in diameters ranging from 1-1/2 – 4-1/8” (38 – 105mm).

Platinum rigid tube options



Combining metallic elements with our singular shape

Sturdy package featuring a permanent metal bottom combined with various metal lid options and available in diameters ranging from 1-1/2 – 6” (38 – 152 mm).


  • Flush Fit: 3-piece telescoping tube with permanent metal ends
  • Twist Cap: Sturdy and secure single piece tube with permanent metal bottom and metal screw cap lid
  • Inner Cap/ Slipcover: 1-piece tube with permanent metal bottom and reclosable metal friction fit lid

Rolled Edge

Rolled Edge

100% paperboard creates a smooth, sculpted look

Elegant all-paperboard package that has a smooth sculpted look and is a great alternative to boxes. Fully customizable and available in a wide range of diameters from 13/16 – 6” (21 – 152 mm).


  • Flush Fit: 3-piece telescoping tube; rolled edge cap and base meet over an internal collar to create a seamless look. Fully printable on all exterior surfaces and featuring curled ends
  • Over Cap: 2-piece telescoping tube; rolled edge cap slides over base to create a design reveal upon opening. Fully printable on all exterior surfaces and featuring curled ends
  • PreviewPak: 3-piece telescoping tube similar to Flush Fit which includes fully customized internal parts to hold and display product
  • PowderLux: 2-piece telescoping tube similar to Over Cap which includes internal plastic sifter used to contain and dispense fine body powders
  • RevealPak: Clear plastic tube body combined with rolled edge paper top and bottom to create product visibility