Creating a truly natural packaging aesthetic

WestRock TruFold™ is designed to give your folding carton packaging a natural look and feel. It is completely uncoated on both sides, which creates a visual and tactile experience that is truly unique. TruFold is an excellent fit for both premium and naturally positioned brands. It converts beautifully and accepts enhancements like embossing and hot foil stamping with ease. Fully recyclable BPI® certified for industrial composting, and made from responsibly sourced, renewable fiber, TruFold delivers on the promise of sustainability.

TruFoldProduct Guide

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Features & Benefits

What you can expect from us:

Natural Aesthetic
Completely uncoated on both sides, TruFold delivers a natural look
and tactile experience that is truly unique.
WhitenessClassic white styling provides the perfect pallet for your unique graphic design. And since no Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) are used, TruFold offers excellent fade resistance.
ConvertabilityEngineered specifically for folding carton applications, TruFold enables precise embossing and hot stamping, and exceptional performance through die-cutting, folding and gluing.
Stiffness-to-WeightA high stiffness-to-weight ratio helps to ensure excellent packaging integrity and can enable package weight reduction.
CompostableUncoated on both sides, TruFold is BPI® certified for industrial composting, providing an option for meeting your corporate sustainability goals.

Best used with:

  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Food Packaging
  • Foodservice
  • Media and Electronics
  • Brochures/Covers

Additional Product Information


  • Recyclable.
  • BPI® certified for industrial composting.
  • Compostable documentation available (ASTM D6868).*
    All WestRock North American paperboard mills are certified to
    the SFI®, PEFC™, FSC™ Chain of Custody Standards. Contact your
    WestRock sales representative for certified fiber availability for
    this product.


  • Produced at an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Food Contact:

  • Meets multiple national requirements for food contact packaging, e.g., US, Canada, China, Germany and the EU. Contact your sales representative for information on specific markets and end uses.
  • Meets China NHC for food contact (restrictions may apply).

Environmental and Safety:

  • Notices under US California Proposition 65 and the EU REACH regulation are not required.
  • Elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleached fiber.
  • Meets heavy metal limits of the US Model Toxics in Packaging rules and Article 11 of EU Directive 94/62/EC.

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Trufold Specs US 20201019 1506x1102

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