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Tango® Digital Coated Cover C1S & C2S

A time lapse photo of a bicycle rider performing a back flip trick.

When you choose Tango® Digital, you gain both a striking appearance and outstanding performance on press. The pleasing 92 bright clean-white shade matches the wide variety of products within Tango's non-digital offering. That means a consistent reproduction of your brand. Tango® maximizes throughput on a wide range of dry and liquid toner digital presses. So you can be confident in meeting the most rigorous deadlines. Higher throughput enables you to deliver on-time at a lower cost.

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The Tango Challenge

Can sturdiness enhance your brand?

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Features & Benefits

What you can expect from us:

Outstanding Ink Holdout

Printed images look richer, have greater depth and are more lifelike, for optimum visual appeal.

Better Dot Integrity

Proprietary coating, coupled with an ultra-smooth surface, reduces dot gain so that printed images are sharper—ideal for capturing fine detail. Better dot integrity also enhances color control on press to facilitate matching to a proof in less time.

Clean-white Styling

Unique clean-white shade is preferred by more printers and end users to deliver crisp colors and contrast, while maintaining color fidelity on press.

Superior Consistency

Six Sigma manufacturing methodology coupled with a solid bleached sulfate design provides improved consistency from run to run compared to multi-ply products that utilize varied fiber sources for the middle layer.

Quality Tactile Feel

Specialized finishing process results in a coated cover that offers greater heft, so the finished printed piece “feels” as good as it looks.

Fade Resistance

Paper shade is achieved using colorfast dyes to provide improved color integrity and extended shelf life for printed material.


Product Uses

  • POP Displays
  • Direct Mail
  • Menus
  • Greeting Cards
  • Trading and Game Cards
  • Annual Report Covers
  • Brochures and Inserts
  • Specialty Packaging

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Tango C1S Specifications


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