NatraLock® Paperboard portfolio

Achieve retail security with our proprietary tear-resistant technology

NatraLock® Paperboard Portfolio uses our proprietary tear-resistant technology to provide a safe, easy opening experience without sacrificing product visibility. A reliable, fiber-based solution, NatraLock® delivers retail security and strong printability without the addition of plastic clamshells, wrapping materials or locked cases—helping companies work toward their sustainability goals.

Achieve retail security with the fiber-based NatraLock® Face Seal, NatraLock® Protect, NatraLock® Resist, NatraLock® Resist+ and NatraLock® Ultra Seal.

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Natralock Resist paperboard for protecting packaged products


Paperboard Calculator

Need to know specifics about our paperboard? Use our paperboard calculator to find out weights, calipers and conversions for your needs.

We understand that you rely on us for more than paperboard. In order to provide the best service possible, WestRock has developed roll, sheet and metric conversion calculators to make your job easier. Please note that these calculations are close estimates.

Paperboard Calculator


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