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Enshield Kit

Consumer tastes vary. Dislike of unsightly grease stains is universal.

You don’t have to resort to poly-coated board or fluorocarbon-treated packaging to eliminate visible grease stains. Instead, you can turn to WestRock EnShield®. It delivers unique performance characteristics that make it an ideal solution for many retail food and foodservice applications, including takeout, bakery and frozen food. If you’re looking for a higher level of oil and grease resistance than traditional SBS paperboard can provide, turn to EnShield®.

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Features & Benefits

What you can expect from us.

Oil and Grease Resistance

Provides superior oil and grease resistance for many applications in takeout, bakery, and frozen food.


Enables brands to make excellent sustainability claims.

No Fluorocarbons

Eliminates this key sustainability concern.



Fully repulpable, improving packaging end-of-life options versus poly-coated SBS.

Improved Lead Times

Since EnShield is not extruded, you can expect improved lead times that compare to lead times of other on machine paperboard grades.

Packaging Uses:
  • Foodservice Takeout Packaging
  • Bakery
  • Frozen Foods

Additional Product Information


  • Recyclable.
  • All WestRock North American paperboard mills are certified to the
    SFI®, PEFC™, FSC™ Chain of Custody Standards. Contact your WestRock sales representative for certified fiber availability for this product.

Environmental & Product Safety

  • Notices under US California Proposition 65 and the EU REACH regulation are not required.
  • Elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleached fiber.
  • Meets heavy metal limits of the US Model Toxics in Packaging rules and Article 11 of EU Directive 94/62/EC.

This information is subject to change without notice.

Food Contact

  • Meets multiple national requirements for food contact packaging, e.g., US, Canada, Germany and the EU. Contact your sales representative for information on specific markets and end uses.
  • ISEGA Certificate available.


  • Produced at an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Paperboard Calculator

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EnShield Specifications

White Paper

Close the Gap

An overwhelming majority of consumers are unsatisfied with current takeout packaging options that don't protect against oil and grease. This paper unveils valuable insight on consumer desires for takeout packaging, demonstrates the risk when those desires aren't met and introduces an innovative packaging solution that combines an adequate amount of barrier protection and repulpability.

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