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Semi-Extensible Sack Kraft Paper, TEA-Kraft® Family of Products

An efficient alternative to flat multiwall paper, the TEA-Kraft® family of semi-extensible sack kraft paper is used in 2- and 3- ply shipping sacks to protect powdered food products, ingredients, fresh agriculture, pet food and resins. All while utilizing a lower total packaging weight and delivering increased burst and puncture resistance.

TEA-Kraft is ideal for end-users and converters alike as they look to drive increased efficiencies. The multiple options in the grade family provide an opportunity to tailor fit packaging solutions that match performance advantages with expected efficiency gains. We partner each step of the way to develop fit-for-use construction options without neglecting critical end-use requirements.

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  • TEA-Kraft®
  • TEA-Kraft Porous®
  • Rigid TK®
  • Rigid TK Wet Strength®


TEA-Kraft® – our standard grade of semi-extensible sack kraft suitable for 2- and 3-ply pasted valve and open mouth shipping sacks providing enhanced burst and puncture resistance in both the machine and cross directions.

TEA-Kraft Porous®

TEA-Kraft Porous® – all the benefits of TEA-Kraft with an open, porous sheet that allows for a reduction in sack perforations and increased deaeration.

Rigid TK®

Rigid TK – ideal for open mouth style shipping sacks, TEA-Kraft Rigid provides a tight, non-porous sheet with the required stretch in the cross direction for burst and puncture resistance while increasing rigidity in the machine direction that provides stiffness during filling and sealing.

Rigid TK Wet Strength®

TEA-Kraft Rigid® Wet Strength – all the benefits of TEA-Kraft Rigid with the addition of wet strength resins ideal for open mouth sacks that need to perform in wet and humid environments.