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Paper Sack & Bag Paper Packaging Solutions - FibreGreen®

The FibreGreen family of bag and sack paper grades sets the standard for performance and convertibility.

Product Solutions and Applications:

  • Renewable and recyclable
  • Clean surface for optimal printing
  • Lightweight grades ideal for carry-out, lunch and liquor bags
  • Heavyweight grades ideal for grocery and premium retail bags
  • Recycled grades ideal for meeting sustainability objectives
  • SFI® Certified
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  • FibreGreen®
  • FibreGreen® 40
  • FibreGreen® 50


Available in basis weights ranging from 25 lb to 72 lb on a 3,000 square foot basis, FiberGreen is a machine-finished sheet ideal for bag and sack applications and is produced with a variable ratio of recycled to virgin furnish.

FibreGreen® 40

For converters seeking to meet regulatory requirements or brand and sustainability objectives, FibreGreen 40 is produced with a guaranteed minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content. FIbreGreen 40 is ideal for lightweight converting needs including QSR carry-out bags and liquor bags.

FibreGreen® 50

Produced with a guaranteed minimum of 40% post-consumer and 10% pre-consumer recycled content, FIbreGreen 50 is ideal for heavyweight converting needs including grocery and retail bags. FibreGreen 50 helps operators meet regulatory requirements and sustainability objectives. 

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