DuraSorb® Saturating Kraft

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DuraSorb is an unbleached saturating Kraft grade. It is made primarily for use as core paper in high-pressure decorative laminate applications, and offers strong performance and product consistency. DuraSorb has a reputation for high-speed phenolic resin impregnation and laminate processibility, as well as unique saturability specifications to improve production efficiency and laminate performance. We offer the widest range of basis weights in the industry to help meet your exact manufacturing requirements.


  • Outstanding uniformity and product consistency
  • Consistent resin pick-up
  • Control of Resin Penetration and Flow at lower total resin content
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Decorative Laminates

  • Kitchen & Bath Countertops
  • Home & Office Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Shelving

Compact Laminates sheets

  • Home & Office
  • Furniture
  • Interior Partitions
  • Doors


  • Padstock for electronic laminates
  • Overlays for wood panels
  • Core paper for drill boards
  • Honeycomb for Evaporative Cooling Media

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