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Delivering optimal operational performance

Spanning a wide range of packaging, converting and industrial applications, our portfolio of kraft paper has been engineered to deliver superior performance while meeting end use specific requirements. Producers and converters rely on our diverse set of manufacturing capabilities which include virgin and recycled furnishes, soft calendered and machine finishing, and extensible micro-creping options.

Our technical services and sales teams work together to understand your requirements to help select and build grades that will deliver performance in your operations and in the field.

Production Options:

  • Basis weights from 20 lb to 68 lb on a 3,000 square foot basis
  • Grade-specific virgin fiber furnish
  • High quality recycled fibers
  • Machine and soft calendered finishing
  • Extensible unit and micro-creping
  • Specialized chemistry and wet strength
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  • Packaging
  • Agriculture
  • Food Service & Grocery
  • Industrial



Beyond boxes and bags, kraft paper is used to safely move products around the world in applications that include:

  • Specialty and institutional food pouches and packets
  • Twistings and handles
  • Dunnage air bags
  • Void Fill



From the field to the market, wet strength kraft paper fits the bill for performance and resilience in many demanding applications including:

  • Multiwall baler and potato bags
  • Flower sleeves
  • Continuous and sheeted raisin tray
  • High strength crop twine

Food Service & Grocery

Food Service & Grocery

From the meat counter to the corner deli, our standard and specialty kraft paper is converted into a wide range of products including:

  • Poly coated counter rolls
  • Natural butchers wrap and protein interleaving
  • Natural food service and sandwich wrap
  • Bakery and pastry bags
  • Specialty coffee and laminated consumer packaging



Delivering performance that industrial manufacturers require, our specialty kraft paper grades are used in various converting and product applications including:

  • Industrial tape and labels
  • Automotive and industrial masking
  • Steel and glass interleaving
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) base
  • Asphalt saturating
  • Insulation backing
  • Cable wrap
  • Shingle wrap

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