Stock Boxes - Pizza

A collection of stock pizza boxes.

Pizza packaging perfection.

Ranging from a single slice to an extra-large pizza, we offer the perfect solution to meet your needs for pizza takeout boxes without requiring large order quantities or the development of custom graphics. Our pizza boxes provide the following features and benefits:

  • Multiple sizes to accommodate various serving sizes
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy, carton provides ample protection for all products
  • Easy to stack, transport, store and dispose
  • Matching pre-printed pizza pattern makes for simple branding
  • Unprinted, white carton offers limitless possibilities - use for cookie cakes, calzones, flat breads and other hand-held tasty meals
  • Constructed of high-quality coated natural kraft (CNK) paperboard, a recyclable substrate
  • Custom printing available. Minimum order quantities may apply
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