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WestRock Perfpak adherence folding carton solution

Convenient and discreet size allows greater freedom

This integrated patient-centric blister and wallet card uses WestRock’s unique child-resistance mechanism to offer a package that’s convenient and more appealing to patients. Perfpak’s design provides flexibility with various dosing regimens for a wide variety of clinical trial requirements.

Medication information and dosing instructions on the front of Perfpak allows for easy use for patients and encourages medication adherence. Ample billboard space for required labels and multi-language instructions if needed. Unique integrated child-resistance mechanism in every pill cavity.

Built on a legacy of senior-friendly, child-resistant packaging

Instead of force, Perfpak uses cognitive technique for opening – which studies show consumers prefer. WestRock has the most medication packages that have passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s CR testing at the highest level. Perfpak Advantage has met the CPSC CR standard for an F=1 rating while also being senior-friendly.

Reduce risk and secure supply with WestRock’s global supply chain

Integrated into our existing global supply chain, this package is quickly available with short lead times because of manufacturing capabilities in US and Europe as well as rapid-response timelines. We have the ability to offer unique service level agreements, ensuring security of supply and reducing risk.

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