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A white and yellow InjectaPak adherence solution.

Injectapak® Pharmaceutical Packaging, is WestRock's response to the growth of the biosimilar and injectable space. Medication adherence pack, housing a series of syringes or vials for self-administration by patient; Informational billboard space for patient education.

Injectable medication is aseptically filled into syringes or vials and must be protected to prevent breakage, contamination or other damage. Three Injectapak alternatives offer a variety of advantages for pharmaceutical products delivered in either syringes (Injectapak-S®) or vials (Injectapak-V®), or Injectapak® Secure, for either vials or syringes.

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Features and Benefits

  • Patient-centric design
  • Adherence enhancing features by providing weekly or montly dosing packages
  • Efficient filling
  • Rapid visual inspection of vials or syringes
  • Optional child-resistance and unique locking features
  • Space for patient education messages
  • Durable construction for protection during shipment and patient use
  • Build-in, effective tamper-evident design assure patients that the medication is safe to administer
  • Injectapak Secure is designed as an immediate package for clinical trial products requiring extensive labeling. It is based on the standard Injectapak design, but has an added layer of protective plastic or paperboard covering the medication units.


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