Cup Style Multipack Cartons

A rendering of Smoo Moo yogurt folding carton packaging for cups.

The trend toward eating dairy outside of traditional mealtime is increasing and driving consumer desire for single serve, portability and convenience. To meet your consumers’ needs, you want a multipack solution that offers superior product protection throughout the supply chain but also offers prominent billboard space on the carton to stand out in the cooler. Our multipack solutions offer those qualities and more.

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Carton Formats

Cup folding carton format renderings.

Printing Capabilities

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Your multipack isn’t simply a necessary container for your product; it’s an opportunity to set your brand apart at the shelf and catch the eye of that split-second shopper. We understand the power and potential of the multipack better than anyone. Our printing capabilities are focused on helping your brands break through the clutter and connect with consumers.


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