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A tiny, hidden microprocessor and printed, conductive inks record the date, time and location of each pill removed from the package. Cerepak® tracks the removal of each specific tablet, which is critical for dose titration (pill dosage changes) and for regimens with a mix of placebo and active drugs.

We designed Cerepak® with several goals in mind:

  • Accurately record the date and time each dose is taken
  • Help improve data quality and statistical power in clinical trials
  • Help clinicians more accurately determine actual efficacy levels
  • Quickly determine when a non-responder is actually a non-adherent subject
  • Provide child-resistance, as necessary
  • Smart blister card tracks when the dose is taken

Clinical research has shown that providing patients with feedback on their own adherence behavior is the most impactful adherence intervention available.

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Features and Benefits

  • Billboard space for branding/graphics, health education, and dosing instructions
  • Multiple formats and sizes available
  • Highly-scalable, portable and disposable packaging

Data uploads easily for analysis

Patients, health care providers and clinical trial organizations can easily upload dosing and questionnaire data to the Aardex Solutions’ software platform via NFC technology for immediate analysis. This data can be used for FDA submission, and for ongoing trial optimization.


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