Foodservice Packaging

Bio-Plus Earth®

A group of brown Bio-Plus earth folding carton containers holding food.

Enhance your customers' takeout experience with Bio-Plus Earth food containers. In addition to being made from 100% recycled paper (minimum 70% post-consumer content), they are leak resistant and can hold any type of food whether hot, cold, wet, or dry. They retain heat and vent moisture so food is kept fresh.

Offered in natural kraft or with our stock-print design (Sonoma), or custom printed with your logo and design.

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  • Made from 100% recycled paperboard (minimum 70% post-consumer content)
  • Upscale look and image
  • One piece design requires no assembly or lid inventory
  • Leak resistant, holds all types of foods, sauces, and gravies
  • Moderate heat-lamp tolerant
  • Large variety of sizes available  
  • Stacks neatly in refrigerator at home
  • Flaps open wide to allow free access to food
  • Retains heat and vents steam, keeping food fresh
  • Microwaveable
  • Cut resistant


Bio-Plus Earth specifications


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