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Insights-driven Merchandising Solutions

Today's competitive, disruptive marketplace demands merchandising programs with a purpose. WestRock's broad ability to deliver insights enables us to design solutions that are in-line with both what appeals to today's shoppers and fits retailer needs.

WestRock then uses our Insights to Activation to Measurement process to ensure your merchandising meets your goals and, with a built-in feedback loop, builds upon each success for the next program.

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You stand the best chance for success when your display program fits your retailer's needs and goals as well as yours.

WestRock's retail relationships provide deep insights as to what they desire for effective merchandising in their stores. We design with each parties goals in mind to develop the best solution.

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Product categories may require various approaches in order to achieve optimum success.

Through primary research and secondary partners, WestRock identifies trends and needs within certain categories, knowing that all products shouldn't be marketed the same.

Activating the correct approach for your specific product can help achieve maximum effectiveness.

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What are shoppers looking for today at retail?

Lifestyle trends, demographics and other factors affect the retail marketplace. Attracting and engaging a shopper's specific values and needs is becoming more important in order to be successful.

With the shopper in mind, WestRock can identify strategies that increase your chances of appealing to your target consumer, increasing the effectiveness of your merchandising.

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Innovative technologies to gain actionable insights and deliver winning solutions

WestRock measures data from Displays, Shelf, Shoppers and External Sources to provide customers with our actionable insights.

Data is presented within a customizable dashboard to report key analytics for each customer.

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