Solutions to Enhance Time and Labor Savings

The current situation is having an unprecedented impact on all our lives and businesses. In an effort to mitigate the effect as much as possible, it is important to let you know that WestRock will continue to deliver the products and services needed to get us all through this difficult period. WestRock is supporting critical infrastructure, supply chains and other manufacturers in delivering much needed items to consumers.

In order to service changing needs more nimbly, we have created WestRock Express, a collection of solutions supported by a quick-response team of designers and project managers that are standing by to ensure your products reach the shelf, and ultimately the consumer, as quickly as possible. Examples of WestRock Express solutions to enhance time and labor savings are described below.

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Retail and Supply Chain Trends as a Result of the Global Disruption:

  • The retail market is overwhelmed with frenzied shopper demand for essentials/necessities.

  • Retailers are experiencing in-store labor shortages for restocking and pulling BOPIS orders.

  • Retailers are concentrating on essential goods/key preventative and pantry loading items.

  • Retailers looking for collaboration with suppliers for driving shelf stock for buyers/shoppers.

  • Significant shift from offline to online as shoppers look to avoid stores.

  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • High Efficiency Merchandising Units
  • Co-packing and Re-packing Services
  • Retail and E-commerce Kitting
  • Digital Print Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging

WestRock provides automated Meta™ Retail Ready Packaging from our co-packing location in Winston-Salem, NC.

Retail Ready Packaging speeds products to shelf at retail , no single item stocking required.

Quick Turnaround of orders with short lead times.

Two piece design provides informational graphics for shoppers.


  • Quick execution at retail
  • Mitigate in-store labor shortages
  • Provide stores flexibility in execution/location

High Efficiency Merchandising Units

When shelf capacity is not enough to cover demand

Cross merchandizing solutions to help shoppers get in and out quickly and orderly

Time and labor savings


  • Pre-pack options for speed to shelf
  • Quick set-up for retail efficiency

Co-packing and Re-packing Services

End to End assembly and co-packing services (including co-packing, repacking and pre-packing)

Pick, Pack and Ship capabilities

Quick Turnaround

Highly automated with state of the art robotics and automation equipment

Strategic locations throughout the United States to reduce costs and increase speed to market.


  • Speed to Market
  • Ship direct to retail

Retail and E-commerce Kitting

Solutions kits for both e-commerce and Retail

Bundled solutions for health, snacking, household cleaning and personal care

Optimized for e-commerce Supply Chain – meets Amazon and other e-commerce suppliers guidelines


  • Solution kits make it easier to get everything a shopper needs in one handy package
  • QR Code Capability to educate and inform on solutions kit

Digital Print Packaging

Cutting-edge digital technology

Photo quality graphics for packaging and displays

Digital laser cutting and creasing

Quick Turn short run capability

High-speed industrial digital production for higher quantities


  • Speed to Market
  • High quality print
  • No printing plate costs