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Minimal components. Maximum flexibility.

WestRock creates custom displays that deliver

WestRock’s Efficient Display System (EDS) enables brands and retailers to create a broad range of merchandising display layouts using a minimal number of standardized components, including Product Displayed Quickly (PDQs).

Reduce costs and increase your speed to market with a custom display from WestRock. We offer customizable components to make a virtually endless number of configurations and numerous layout options.

The EDS is perfect for season, multi-pallet and multi-vendor programs and the modularity enables seamless sop-down and exit strategy with parts that can be removed as the display sells through.

We combine broad knowledge and capabilities to deliver effective merchandising solutions.

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Displays that let your product shine

  • Optimize efficiency while reducing cost
  • Designed for maximum versatility by accommodating various configurations and planograms
  • Equipped with a set number of adjustable and interchangeable components
  • Messaging panels can be interchanged for different graphic treatments
  • Reduced complexity and customization lead to increased speed-to-market
  • Standardized components enable a wide array of shop-down strategies
  • Displays can be configured for numerous POGs
  • PDQ trays can be used through-out the display
  • PDQ trays can be attached in a horizontal format, angled, and hung vertically using pegs
  • Base can be used as a dump bin or a standard platform to rest shelves on
  • Peg wall can be added for all peggable products
  • Common chassis and standardized components that can be configured in various ways to support our customer's unique needs

Standardized Components for Modular Displays

Base or Bin

Base doubles as a dump bin or platform base


Multiple shelf locations for adjustable shelf heights. Building block for pallets, end caps, & sidekicks

PDQ Tray

Tray can be used on-shelf, in the display, hanging from peg wall or in a vertical or horizontal format

Peg Wall

Peg wall with multiple peg locations to accommodate multiple plan-o-grams


Simple, low-profile shelf