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Smarter Retail for Tomorrow's Shopper Today

Through strategic collaborations with key technology partners, we are developing an end-to-end ecosystem that provides a game-changing in-store platform. WestRock is bridging the gap between digital and physical to entertain, inform, engage and provide never-before-seen methods of unlocking brand equity at-shelf.

Insights gleaned from our Connected Retail Solutions platform help retailers and brands learn more about the shoppers engaging with their products and displays.

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Connected Packaging

Item-Level Interaction and Information

Through WestRock's manufacturing process, we can enable your package's unique digital identity. This allows item-level analytics to gain valuable insight and metrics into the journey of your product.

The scannability of the package enables you to provide interactive content to your customer even at home after the purchase. This content can be updated at any time to reflect insights gained through analytics.

Connected Retail

Shelf-based digital signage programs

These display solutions use short, high-definition video clips to help retailers attract shoppers and present specific product information for dynamic interaction.

The display can be equipped with optical sensors to identify gender, age and mood, and then display shopper-relevant ads that may invoke further interests through personalized in-store experiences.

connected digital permanent display

Analytics and Measurement

Digitization helps gather actionable insights and analytics.

WestRock's digital connected solutions don't just enhance the shopping experience and relevance: valuable information is gathered from the interactions at retail that can be used to gain insight into who your shopper is, when they are shopping and what messaging most appeals to them.

Messaging can even be changed in real-time to adjust the program while live in a retail environment.

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