Wrap 8

A large white and blue Meta Wrap 8 container for pediatric milk.

The Wrap 8 provides for the efficient accumulation of product into the proper pack pattern and forms a compact package around the product.

The Wrap 8 offers:

  • Increased stacking strength with less fiber
  • Eight graphic panels for greater on-the-shelf differentiation
  • Fully recyclable

Ideal for liquids:

  • Beverages (wine/spirits and bottled products)
  • Dairy, juices and water
  • Home care (cleaners, detergents)

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Precision Formed Cases

Our precision forming technology forms cases around a fixed mandrel minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity resulting in cases that outperform comparable standard cases (RSC’s) in production efficiency (higher speeds) and stacking strength. The unique case forming process offers the ultimate in equipment flexibility and enables improved box performance in your production line and distribution system.


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