Meta® Tray 8 Container

A closed blue and white Meta Tray 8 container for produce.

The Meta® Tray 8 is an eight-corner tray that outperforms any other tray in the produce or protein market by delivering increased stacking strength with less fiber, eight graphic panels for greater in-store differentiation, and sustainability with fully recyclable materials. The unique structure of the Meta® Tray 8 increases stacking strength with less fiber and facilitates improved supply chain efficiencies and sustainability with flat blanks that streamline storage and usage and reduced waste and transportation costs.

Additional features and benefits of the Meta® Tray 8 include:

  • Improved branding and messaging opportunities that are ideal for shelf display in retail and club channels
  • Faster throughput and increased productivity with precisely formed trays, every time, up to 35 cases per minute
  • The 8-sided tray can accommodate most any depth of tray and conforms to the standard common footprint
  • Stronger cases allows for higher stacking on pallet and more of your product per truck to optimize your transportation efficiency
  • Performs equally well with wax replacement board and liners—Ensulate®, our branded wax replacement medium

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Meta® Mandrel-Formed Cases

Our Meta® Systems precision forming technology forms cases around a fixed mandrel minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity resulting in cases that outperform comparable standard cases (RSC’s) in production efficiency (higher speeds) and stacking strength. The unique case forming process offers the ultimate in equipment flexibility and enables improved box performance in your production line and distribution system.

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