InsulShield™ Temperature Control Packaging

InsulShield Open Box

Space-saving and innovative, WestRock’s temperature control InsulShield™ system offers a new solution for ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperature sensitive products. Using fiber-based corrugated board for strength and durability and added Met-PET (metalized polyester) laminated liners and inserts, InsulShield™ provides steady temperature maintenance and is certified food safe. As a knock-down box, this packaging requires less space in inbound shipments, your warehouse and on your production floor.

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Engineered to Protect Your Products and Reputation

With our expertise in packaging design and temperature control, we have engineered InsulShield™ to provide protection against convection, conduction and radiation for optimal temperature retention.

We offer three designs engineered for different temperature needs. In ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) testing, our ambient solution maintains a temperature below 80° F, our refrigerated solution maintains a temperature below 40° F and our frozen solution keeps internal temperatures below freezing past the 72 hour mark.

  • Markets
  • Benefits
  • Heat Transfer Dynamics


InsulShield Ideally Suited Markets

A New Solution for Temperature Sensitive Products

  • Fiber-based corrugated board for strength & durability
  • Met-PET (metalized polyester) laminated liners & inserts
  • Steady temperature maintenance & certified food safe
  • Benefits


    • Potential labor savings
    • Space savings
    • Inbound shipping savings
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Material savings
    • DIM weight optimization

    Heat Transfer Dynamics

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    InsulShield Addresses Key Heat Transfer Dynamics

    • Box designed with layers of containerboard which slows the rate of heat energy moving through the container, providing thermal insulation.

    • Corners manufactured to tight tolerances reducing the transfer and equalization of internal and external temperatures.

    • Met-PET laminated liners and inserts reflect back interior temperature, maintaining and prolonging optimal temperature ranges.

    Easy to Store, Easy to Assemble

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