WestRock DiamondTop™

DiaimonTop All-Natural White Containerboard

White Containerboard Products 

WestRock DiamondTop™ was designed by combining industry insights with cutting edge science to create better substrates for graphics and printing. In a brand conscious world, you have a need to provide your customers with color consistency for their brand. Your experience and their experience improves when visual appearance is consistent across the entire board.

Consistency isn't a commodity

DiamondTop offers the ability to create the same color and print quality every time, regardless of where the package is produced or viewed. Graphics and printing on a package made of DiamondTop appear the same every time, whether the package is showcased in a dimly lit wholesale store or an upscale supermarket.

Curious about how DiamondTop can improve brand appearance and your bottom line? Download this white paper to understand how utilizing WestRock DiamondTop helps you avoid supply chain complexity while achieving color matching and improved visual appearance.