Wrap 8 Machine

Meta Wrap 8 machine.

The Wrap 8 automates efficient accumulation of product into the proper pack pattern and forms a compact package around the product. Manufactured for WestRock by Douglas Machine, the Wrap 8 utilizes electronic motion controls to maximize machine flexibility and speed which dramatically enhance change-over repeats for multiple case configurations. The ergonomic design makes it easier for operators to maintain a high level of productivity while the systems’ versatility easily accommodates a wide variety of product and packaging configurations.

This machine is ideally suited for beverages such as wine, spirits, liquid dairy products, juices, water or other and bottled products as well as home care cleaners or detergents.

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Precision Formed Cases

The unique case forming process offers the ultimate in equipment flexibility and speed as die-cut blanks are precisely formed into cases around a fixed mandrel—or in this case, around the actual product, minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity. This precision enables better box performance on your production line and through your distribution system, and:

A large white and blue Meta Wrap 8 container for pediatric milk.


  • Accommodates cases with high impact design for branding and product display appeal
  • Reduces fiber while increasing stacking strength
  • Blanks transport and stack easily
  • Facilitates case size consistency
  • Fully recyclable


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