Quick Pack Station

A Quick Pack Station machine.

WestRock can help you get your products packed faster, more securely and at a lower overall cost. Our quick pack stations are intelligently designed to form and pack containers that use less fiber and speed up your line, allowing operators to focus on what matters most: your product as it goes into the case.

Ergonomic design helps maintain a high level of productivity throughout the work day, while the systems’ versatility easily accommodates a wide variety of product and packaging configurations.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fully-automatic trayforming system for small canned, bottled and carton items
  • Especially good for the meat packing industry
  • Die cut container reduces shipping bulk, fiber and tape used
  • Tray uses less square footage than shallow top load RSC’s
  • Up to 12 cycles per minute
  • Out of square boxes and over gluing are eliminated, resulting in fewer QVR’s for plants
  • Enhanced stacking strength
  • The shorter container height allows for more boxes to be loaded onto a pallet
  • Eliminates wasteful operator movements by delivering formed trays directly to the operator


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