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SCOPE® Audits cover a range of custom optimization interventions. Powered by a scalable process to discover and create unique business value, our highly trained engineers and packaging consulting group provide a targeted or holistic evaluation of your operation to identify cost-take-out opportunities, increase throughput, mitigate implementation risk and/or improve your sustainability: 

  • Packaging audit: structural designers identify opportunities to value engineer packaging on existing equipment or with modifications
  • Technical Audits or Machine Stops Engagement: engineers focus on quantifying and eliminating waste due to unplanned downtime, delays, quality defects or interventions on a specific piece of equipment
  • Technical Walk Through: experts conduct high level review of operations to identify potential areas of opportunity
  • End of Line Engagement: engineers conduct a holistic review of packaging solutions and equipment to optimize your  operation to better meet your end market requirements
  • End to End Engagement: engineers conduct a complete review your operation and supply chain to optimize processes and performance. From purchasing to production to warehousing to recycling, we identify opportunities to reduce your total cost
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