Packomatic® Series of Case Erectors, Packers and Sealers

A Packomatic® Case Erector Machine, Hot Melt Sealer

Getting your product to the retailer or consumer without damage is dependent upon more than the container design. How you erect, pack, and seal your container is also important and WestRock manufactures a complete line of patented, Packomatic® case erectors, packers, and sealers that offer your production operation tremendous reliability and efficiency.

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Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty welded carbon steel construction.
  • Large capacity magazines (with and without continuous run module) that eliminate the full-time operator requirement and offer optional extensions to increase capacity even further.
  • Opposing vacuum cups in the erecting stations allow machines to slowly and effectively separate the case as it is erected.
  • Unique case selection system enables machine to handle warped board and corrugated variations.
  • Vacuum transducers instead of pumps reduce downtime due to corrugated dust clogging vanes.
  • PLC controlled for positive control of timing sequence.
  • Hand cranks allow fast and easy changeover without tools.
  • Machine speeds of 20 cases up to 35 cases per minute, depending machine options and case sizes

Packomatic Case Erectors

Get the cases you need, when you need them. WestRock’s line of Packomatic® Case Erectors are fully-automatic so you can focus your resources where it really matters – on packing your product safely for shipping. Our case erectors quickly and efficiently seal cases with either tape or hot melt adhesive while our Continuous Running Case Erectors (CRCE) offer higher productivity and up-time efficiencies by erecting and hot melt adhesive-sealing cases at speeds of up to 35 cases per minute. The continuous case feeding system of the CRCE eliminates the need to stop and reload the machine and is designed to handle RSC, HSC, and FOL shipping containers in fully-automatic mode and features a wide variety of customization options.

Three images of the Packomatic case erector, CRCE and tape machines.

Packomatic Case Sealers

WestRock’s Packomatic Case Sealers offer tremendous reliability and efficiency for all users of RSC, HSC and FOL shipping containers. Our case sealers work at speeds approaching 50 cases per minute and are manufactured with heavy duty welded carbon steel construction with top quality, name-brand industrial-grade components. Ergonomic design provides an efficient, increased workflow and jam clearance. With a variety of semi- and fully-automatic models and either hot melt adhesive or tape closure systems, WestRock case sealers keep your product safe from the factory floor to the retail floor.

The packomatic case sealer machine.

Case Packers

Package more with less -- less operator labor and less corrugated fiber. Whatever your product, WestRock makes the case packer that packs faster at a lower, overall cost. Our case packers are designed to run today’s lighter weight materials, including high recycled content, while speeding up your line and focusing operator attention on the part that matters most – your product as it goes into the case. Ergonomic design makes it easier for operators to maintain a high level of productivity. The systems’ versatility easily accommodates a wide variety of products and packaging configurations.

The Packomatic Case packer machine.


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