Meta® Tray 8 Trayformer

Meta Tray 8 machine.

Faster setup. Higher compression ratings. Less materials. And the precise look of a perfectly formed tray every time. The Meta® Tray 8 trayformer runs any depth of tray, with or without flaps, while setting a new standard in strength, sustainability and efficiency on the line. The Meta® Tray 8 design is an eight-corner tray that outperforms any other tray in the produce market by delivering increased stacking strength with less fiber; eight graphic panels for greater in-store differentiation; and corrugated materials that are fully recyclable.

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Features & Benefits

The Meta® Tray 8 Performs equally well with Ensulate® wax replacement board and liners and offers high impact, product display capabilities for shelf-display products as well as retail and club product channels. Additionally, your operation benefits from the performance of the Meta® Tray 8 machine which:

  • Produces precisely formed trays, every time, up to 35 cpm
  • Offers a wide range of depths and footprints from 10 down to 5 down
  • Facilitates faster set-up and change-over to keep your production line going
  • Utilizes flat blanks to reduce your storage footprint, waste, and transportation costs
A closed blue and white Meta Tray 8 container for produce.

A combination of tray performance and operational efficiency that:

  • Accommodates trays with high impact, graphic design
  • Eight display panels for greater in-store differentiation
  • Reduces fiber while increasing stacking strength
  • Facilitates efficient production with case size consistency
  • Fully recyclable


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