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Meta® Duo

Meet the requirements of multiple retailers and e-tailers with in-house channel flexibility

By efficiently transitioning between packaging designs – including four-sided, eight-sided, HSCs, one- and two-piece shelf-ready packaging (SRP) designs and ship in own container (SIOC) – you can meet a wide variety of retailer requirements from a single, small footprint machine. Meta Duo eliminates the need for perforations or knives. The resulting boxes allow for easy opening and shelf stacking – while reducing labor and handling and improving speed to market. Request more information


MetaDuo uses mandrel forming technology to make shelf-ready packaging and retail-ready packaging

Benefits of bringing SRP capabilities in-house

  • Eliminates:
    > Need for 3PL or co-packing
    > Packaging redundancy
    > Freight redundancy
  • Minimizes labor and handling
  • Decreases product loss
  • Optimized package design
  • Improved speed to market
WestRock MetaDuo creates retail-ready packaging and shelf-ready packaging


Mandrel-formed two-piece shelf-ready packaging (SRP) outperforms perforated regular slotted cartons (RSC)

Competitor’s perforated RSC

  • Remnants from edges
  • Possible damage to packaging and branding
  • Strength loss due to perforation
Retail Ready Packaging and Shelf Ready Packaging Automation

WestRock’s Meta CD

  • Clean edges – no remnants of perforated edges
  • No knife needed – no product damage
  • Easy opening and shelf stacking
  • Higher stacking strength
  • 10-22% higher compression than perforated RSC
  • Efficient structure reduces material weight