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DuoDozen 1210 Combo

DuoDozen 1210 Combo – Tray Forming Machine

3 Machines in 1

The WestRock DuoDozen 1210 Combo is a fully integrated packaging machine for cans and bottles. This efficient, high-performance machine offers superior flexibility for secondary multipacks and tertiary trays while eliminating machine to machine hand-offs and re-metering. This flexible, efficient beverage packaging machine is the perfect solution to handle all elements of secondary container wrapping, grouping and tray-packing.

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DuoDozen 1210 Combo Multipack Images

Primary Container Types

  • Glass and PET bottles
  • Aluminum cans

Machine Details


  • Two omni-directional touchscreen operator panels
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Multiple diameter and height capability
  • Innovative Trioval™ rotary robot module
  • Removable hopper
  • Industry proven 3 wheel carton feeder

Package Styles:

  • Gapped Flap DuoDozen®
  • Mid-Overlapped DuoDozen®
  • Fridgemaster®
  • DuoWing®
  • Econodozen™
  • DuoStack

Max Speeds:

  • Flat Packs:
    2x: up to 300 packs/minute
    3x: up to 150 packs/minute
    4x: up to 110 packs/minute
  • Stack Packs: up to 100 packs/minute

Package Formats:

  • Flat packs: 4 through 24 pack
  • Stack packs: 6/6 through 24/24 pack

DuoDozen 1210 Combo Video

DuoDozen® 1210 Combo from WestRock is a fully integrated machine solution for beverage cans and bottles that wraps, groups, and tray-packs.


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