Beverage Packaging Solutions

Cluster-Pak® 410

Cluster-Pak CP410 Beverage Machinery

The industry standard for multipacking octagonal shaped aseptic containers

The Cluster-Pak® 410 is the market-leading packaging machine for shaped aseptic filling lines, offering a range of wrap features and reliable performance. This machine can accommodate various premium package features, such as caps, straws and angled tops. It also integrates seamlessly into prevailing aseptic line designs and controls.

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Cluster Pak CP410 Multipack Images
  • Octagonal shaped aseptic packages
    - Standard with or without straws
    - With cap
    - Angled top with cap


Machine Details


  • Glue-less locking system for closure
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Omni-directional touch-screen control panel
  • Servo drive system
  • Easy machine access (light curtains)
  • Slide-out acrylic locking section

Package Styles:

  • Cluster-Pak® with full tuck ad panel
  • Cluster-Pak® for angled tops

Max Speed:

  • 45 packs/minute

Package Formats:

  • Standard: 2x2, 2x3
  • Optional: 2x4

Cluster-Pak® 410

The Cluster-Pak® 410 from WestRock is a wrap machine for octagonal shaped aseptic containers that can accommodate premium package features such as caps, straws and angled tops.