In the midst of change in retail and consumer preferences, packaging matters more than ever.

The relationship between brands, retailers and consumers has evolved significantly since WestRock began tracking consumer satisfaction with packaging in 2013. In this changing environment, packaging is the one enduring element of the marketing mix that is guaranteed to reach every consumer.

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Enhancing the relationship between brands and packaging

Emerging from the 2018 Packaging Matters data were benefits that tie directly to evolving consumer shopping preferences, including elements of functionality, trust and the impact of packaging satisfaction on purchasing behavior.



Consumers value packaging that keep products safe, secure and easy to use.

Even as brands and retailers continue to innovate packaging through technology and integrated solutions, delivering on the basics of packaging still matters most. Functional benefits – like safety, delivery and convenience – are top drivers of packaging satisfaction.

From in-store purchases to at-home deliveries, our research shows consumers value packaging’s functional benefits that keep products safe, secure and easy to use.


79 consumers expect protection


Consumers are loyal to brands they trust.

Delivering on key measures of efficacy, safety and protection can help build and maintain brand trust.

Over the last decade, consumers have placed a greater emphasis on trust, requiring brands to think about reputational issues in a more critical and proactive way.

As consumers are exposed to more information and brand competitors, packaging can play a more complete role in building and maintaining brand trust.

Purchasing Behavior

Purchasing Behavior

Aesthetics influence consumers’ decisions to try something new, buy something again or switch brands.

Today’s shopper wants a personalized brand experience, a preference that can have big implications for loyalty and sales.

Packaging can respond to this desire for personalization in a powerful way – through innovative design tailored to shoppers’ unique preferences and technology integration that enables shoppers to interact directly with a brand.



How macro changes have impacted packaging over time.

While plenty has changed in how consumers shop since we began our research in 2013, our research shows that Packaging Matters even more today than ever.

As we look back over our series of data, we have seen significant macro changes impact business and consumers – providing more opportunities for packaging to help enhance the relationship between brands and packaging.

Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

As the retail environment evolves and consumer demands change, our data reveals packaging matters even more.

Packaging is the only element of the marketing mix that connects with every consumer, independent of how they buy or interact with products and brands.

Packaging is not only an essential way to protect a brand and product; it is also an extension of the brand itself. WestRock helps brands bridge these two concurrent realities in productive and efficient ways.

Data to drive your packaging strategy

For six years, WestRock has engaged approximately 7,000 consumers and packaging professionals in original research studying consumer satisfaction with packaging across categories and countries.

This study, conducted and analyzed by an independent research firm, is used by packaging professionals to predict where consumer preferences are going and what their brands can do to better position themselves for growth. 

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