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Effective retail made easy.

Established and emerging brands leverage WestRock's packaging and merchandising solutions to optimize impact at retail. Insights through our connectivity with retailers allow us to provide winning strategies to increase in-store execution and sales.

The need for retailers to increase store productivity has led to digital solutions to enhance operations and drive shopper engagement. WestRock can help navigate this convergence of physical and digital increasingly characterizing the state of the industry—and its growth trajectory. 

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Insights are critical for success in-store, and we like to share ours.

Understanding today's enabled shopper

Understanding today's enabled shopper

Shoppers have more control today at retail than ever and have specific expectations.



A platform to propel your brand to greater heights with insider tips from industry professionals. From working with buyers, to standing out on the shelf, WestRock supports you every step of the way.

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Connected retail solutions

More than ever, retailers require the efficiencies found at the intersection of digital and physical, while shoppers insist on the convenience and engagement provided.

In addition to digital screens and QR codes, the growth of dynamic merchandising - responsive displays, connected packaging and personalized, interactive marketing – creates experiences that engage and benefit shoppers even beyond the store.

WestRock is your Digital Activation Solution Center for digital engagement solutions.

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Efficient solutions to maximize store productivity and program value...


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Shelf-ready packaging

Efficient Display Systems

Efficient solutions to maximize store productivity and program value...

Connected retail

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So whether you need new packaging, your next multi-vendor end cap or the latest in POP technology to engage your customer, choose WestRock to help you realize your POP potential.