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Custom Food Packaging

Made from scratch solutions.

One box does not fit all. And unique, smart packaging is one more way to distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace. Whatever your particular packaging challenges are, we can help you solve for them.

We create custom folding carton packaging for a wide variety of foods, from crackers and cereal to artisan chocolates and gourmet ice cream. By combining consumer insights, an extensive substrate portfolio and coatings knowledge with robust design and printing enhancements, we are able to design a tailor-made solution for your brand. Partner with us and we’ll build a better box together.

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The power of packaging.

At first glance, paperboard packaging looks pretty straightforward. But you know better. From folding strength to retail shrink, you have a lot to think about when packaging food. At WestRock, we study the science of packaging to help you preserve flavor, freshness and your place in the market. With the widest variety of paperboard options in the industry, we’re confident we’ve got a solution to suit your needs.

Custom food packaging boxes

Ice Cream

Custom printed food packaging

Cereals, Pastas & Cookies

Custom printed food packaging

Crackers & Snacks

Custom frozen food packaging

Refrigerated & Frozen Food

Custom printed food packaging


Confection packaging and candy packaging solutions

Specialty Packaging

Packaging that sweetens the whole experience

Delicate items deserve a delicate approach. Protecting items such as confections while also distinguishing your product in the market is what we do.

Like you, we understand the importance of product integrity and freshness. Many of our customers employ our Concept to Checkout® approach. This method combines high-impact creativity with smart value chain management to get your perishable products in stores with the right measures of speed, cost and flexibility.

Though important, display aesthetics are just the beginning. From structural demands to product weight, kitting and delivery, we consider every factor that goes into your packaging.

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Corrugated Containers

Fresh. Versatile. Sustainable.

When it comes to food packaging, corrugated containers are crucial. They protect food as it travels from supplier to table, safeguarding sensitive products from spoilage and damage. But they can also showcase and promote your product on store shelves. Whether you’re looking for a produce container, a shipper/display box or have another critical corrugated need, we can help you reduce cost, increase sales, mitigate risk and improve your environmental impact.

Our corrugated containers:

  • facilitate efficiencies throughout the supply chain
  • offer improved product quality, traceability and lower food safety risks
  • are made from 100 percent renewable materials
  • are reusable and recyclable
  • exceed Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practices
  • are certified for direct food contact
  • promote superior brand messaging for maximum shelf impact

Insights & Expertise

We've got packaging down to a science.

We like a challenge, especially when it involves solving consumer pain points through packaging science. Whether you need us to design a more sustainable shipping container or a snack box with better barrier technology, we put our knowledge to work for you.