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You’ve put a lot of hard work into developing a product you’re passionate about. When it comes to disrupting today’s multi-dimensional market, standing out above the competition is key to taking your brand to the next level. If you want to win over a buyer with a seamless go-to-market strategy, you need to think like a buyer.

Discover inside tips on how to win over the buyer, straight from the mind of Chris Potestio, a brand development transformational leader and former retail buyer for Texas-based grocer, HEB Central Market.

Inside the Buyer’s Mind

Get to know your buyer and the retail space by understanding your buyer. What moves them? What drives them? Discover which retail trends are affecting rising brands the most, and learn how to innovatively align your brand with the retailer’s strategy.

Selling the Buyer on Your Rising Brand

Predicting the market space is an important part of effectively selling your brand. To best understand the retail market, you need to understand each segment individually and how those segments come together as whole. In this clip, we break down buyer meetings, the importance of store audits and how buyers are using shelf space to ensure your rising brand will make a lasting impression in today’s retail arena.

Building Trust with the Retail Buyer

Buyers are now sourcing products differently than in the past, relying more on social media and less on trade shows and industry publications. Learn how to position your brand for success by creating and maintaining strong relationships within the retail market on multiple platforms across the digital landscape.

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The Buyer’s Perspective:
Inside tips for brand success from a retail buyer.

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