Protect and promote

Premium products demand premium packaging

WestRock is a leading supplier of custom rigid tube packaging to the premium drink, health and beauty, confectionery and fine food markets.

We are experts at creating luxurious rigid tube packaging that instantly conveys the value and quality of the product inside. Our innovative design work has won multiple awards across industries and we are dedicated to making sure your brand shines.

We begin with thoughtful design, choice paper, closures or bodyboard through to finishing techniques like hot or cold foiling and hi-rise varnishing that ensure when your product arrives, your customer has an exceptional experience.  

Our selection of rigid tube solutions includes spirally wound, shaped tubes, cut out and composite. We can create custom designs for premium products, promotional or new products and even boutique brands.


  • Produced in small quantities or high volumes
  • Producer of both the paper-based core and the outer tube wrap, ensuring full quality control and color consistency
  • Wide selection of materials available
  • Cylindrical, oval, triangular, and square shapes possible
  • Over 100 different diameters; cylindrical from 21mm – 165mm and shaped tubes from 150mm – 375mm in circumference
  • Internal fitments/components can be engineered to meet specific needs for product presentation, protection and housing
  • 3- and 4-piece tubes possible
  • Wide range of premium print finishing available, including foiling and DecTech effects
  • Labeling
  • Range of metal, plastic or paperboard closures available
  • Paperboard closure has the integral strength to safely hold a 75cl bottle
  • Ideal replacement for tin-plate containers

Product Examples

All paperboard rigid tube solutions

Rolled Edge

Elegant, all-paperboard package that has a smooth sculpted look. A great alternative to boxes that is fully customizable and available in several sizes.


Sturdy package featuring a permanent metal bottom combined with various metal lid options.

Molded tube solutions for pharmaceutical packaging


Plastic closures, including shaker tops and plugs, add form and function to the molded collection.

Environmentally friendly tube solutions for beauty and personal care


We offer 80-100% recyclable all-paperboard packaging in both our EcoPak and EcoPush™ tubes.

WestRock specialty rigid tubes for liquor and spirits


For spirally-wound tubes, we produce custom printed wraps enhanced with decorative technologies to command attention on the shelf and power your brand.