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WestRock brings innovative practices and service to every aspect of our recycling business, always developed with a focus on your needs.

Don’t throw away the opportunity to do the right thing.

You’re throwing away money every time you toss your recyclables. WestRock offers a better solution. Let us arrange to collect your material—either loose or baled—and help you get maximum value for it. At the same time, we’re helping lower your costs by limiting your landfill exposure and reducing your solid waste volumes (less weight in dumpster means less waste in disposal costs). Reduce costs while gaining value. That’s the best of both worlds.

  • Residential and commercial single stream
  • Loose fiber and non-fiber sort and baling
  • Local recycling collection
  • Bale transload and export rebale capabilities

Our Services & Locations

We're very accepting.

If you’re in the business of picking up recyclable materials, bring them to us. We’ll accept your material, and we have the services to sort and process all types of recyclables. Supported by a team of experienced recycling experts who can help streamline the process for you.

  • Service area: Continental U.S. and Alaska
  • WestRock recycling facilities: 22
  • We can handle both commercial and residential single stream.
  • Provide loose fiber and non-fiber sorting and baling.
  • Arrange collection of local recyclables.
  • Offer bale transload and export rebaling capabilities.



Poised and ready to help.

Our team is ready to explore your recycling needs and answer any questions you have.

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