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Paperboard Service Center


Consumer Paperboard Segments
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Commercial Printing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Convenience Food
  • Digital Printing
  • Food On The Go
  • Food Packaging
  • Foodservice
  • Hot & Cold Cup
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Premium Spirits



WestRock Crescendo® is a high quality solid bleached sulphate (SBS) with superior performance and aesthetics. Crescendo is the preferred choice for any graphical or packaging application where quality matters. Available with either a one-sided coating (C1S) or symmetrical two-sided coating (C2S) across a wide gsm/thickness range.


WestRock CustomKote™, Coated Natural Kraft® (CNK®) is a high-performing paperboard. The coated side provides you an excellent surface on which to create high quality graphics. The unbleached, uncoated side delivers consumers a clean, all natural perception and reality.


WestRock FoldKraft™ is a performance-engineered uncoated unbleached kraft (UUK) paperboard that runs exceptionally clean on press with minimal fibre picking. Its surface reveals uncoated fresh brown fibre and therefore has a natural look and tactile feel. This is the charm of the material so a degree of natural variability can be expected as part of the product experience.


WestRock PrintKote® is a high quality solid bleached paperboard (SBS) and is an industry standard for all types of packaging and printing applications. PrintKote meets the needs of today’s discriminating brand owner with a warm white, glossy coated side, designed for exceptional printability. PrintKote also features a uniform, smooth uncoated reverse side.


WestRock Reliant® cover is the ideal choice for C1S graphic applications that demand reliable performance, excellent converting properties and a pleasing warm-white shade.


WestRock Tango® Digital is a solid bleached sulphate (SBS) with superior product aesthetics. Excellent print performance on a variety of digital printing devices. Unsurpassed in its proven reputation for outstanding runnability and consistency on press and through the converting process. Available in one-sided coating (C1S) or two-sided symmetrical coating (C2S).

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