Natralock® RTR

Natralock RTR

Added strength for additional pilferage protection.

Natralock® RTR is a patented paperboard that delivers exceptional tear resistance to deter theft. Designed for secure folding carton applications, it provides a rigid yet smooth surface for outstanding ink holdout and high-quality graphic reproduction. Plus, Natralock RTR delivers many converting efficiencies. Put this strong tamper protection to work for you.

Features & Benefits

What you can expect from us:


Combines paperboard attributes with the tear-resistance of our proprietary lamination for unsurpassed performance in security carton packaging.

Consistent Smoothness

Outstanding ink holdout and best-in-class consistency deliver high-quality graphics for security carton applications.


A polymer coat-weight uniformity offers improved efficiencies and maximum throughput on high-speed filling equipment.


Consistency from roll to roll and sheet to sheet make Natralock RTR ideal for high-speed converting and filling while eliminating the need to for extra steps.

Recycled Content

Includes recyclable materials.


Best used with:

  • Security Carton Applications
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Media and Electronics
  • Home Improvement

Stop theft, not sales.

Research shows consumers are much less likely to make a purchase when they can’t easily accessthe product. To help you improve the shopping experience, we offer our Security Carton, made of Natralock® paperboard designed with a proprietary tear-resistant technology. This helps you maximize retail security without the burdensome addition of plastic clamshells, wrapping materials or locked cases.

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