Natralock® CNK

Natralock CNK

Designed to deter thefts while encouraging sustainability efforts.

Natralock CNK is specifically engineered as a clamshell replacement package to deter theft and enhance environmental sustainability objectives. It is designed for fold-over or two-piece trap seal blister card applications where added pilfer resistance is desired. And because it includes recycled fibers it can help brands meet sustainability goals. From a production standpoint, Natralock CNK allows heat and RF sealing compatible with a wide range of thermoform blister materials.

Features & Benefits

What you can expect from us:

Laminated Structure

Combines the rigidity of paperboard with the tear-resistance of a proprietary lamination and extruded heat-sealing coating for unsurpassed assembly performance of trap seal blister packaging.

Heat Seal Compatibility

Consistently seals to a wide variety of thermoformed blister materials, including APET, RPET, PETG, RPETG, PVC and PLA.

Low-Temperature Seal

Seals at a lower temperature than competitive alternatives resulting in increased line speed. This also minimizes risk of product damage and ink degradation. Dwell time is up to 20% less than other heat-seal coatings, which results in improved throughput and decreases costs.

Product Uniformity

A smooth surface, outstanding ink holdout and best-in-class print consistency. Ideal for promotional messages, graphics and compliance information for trade seal blister packaging. Also, polymer coat-weight uniformity offers improved efficiencies and maximum throughput on high-speed filling equipment.

Converting Efficiency

Direct printing on the board eliminates the need to apply heat-seal coating. This improves converting efficiency and reduces inventory costs.


Roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet consistency makes Natralock CNK ideal for high-speed converting, filling and sealing applications.

Recycled Fiber Content

Produced with 15% recycled fibers on average.


Best used with:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Media and Electronics
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys
  • Automotive
  • Home Improvement
  • Tools

A clear choice for better security

To help boost security and remove barriers to purchase, we offer Natralock® tear-resistant packaging. As durable and secure as clamshells, Natralock provides superior product visibility and a safer, easier opening experience to help drive sales and profits.

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