Evotech automated packaing system machine.

When you want to customize and stand out, but efficiently.

Your consumers value individuality and uniqueness. For you to differentiate, you need to be able to customize. But, you also need to operate as efficiently as possible. EvoTech is a fast and efficient packing machine with easy, repeatable changeovers for operators who need to run various primaries and package configurations at high speeds.


Package types:

  • Cluster-Pak® Standard, over-the-top or neck-through, with can or without bottle locker
  • Cluster-Pak® Strong Pack, 121 or 244 style
  • Cluster-Pak® with full tuck, extended full tuck, or keel ad-panel
  • Cluster-Master®
  • Cluster-Side®
  • Wraplakett with Central Keel, L.T. Keel, locking top pin, side locking bottom tab, pull-up lock or flat lock

Package Configuration:

  • 1x1 to 1x6
  • 2x2 to 2x6
  • Double or triple layer
  • Maximum configuration depending on machine pitch

Container types:

  • Bottle - glass and plastic
  • Jars
  • Bricks
  • Cans
  • Cups - loose and attached


  • Diameter: 40 mm - 90 mm
  • Height: 50 mm - 250 mm


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