DuoDozen® 1250M

DuoDozen 1250 automated packaing system machine.

Performance comes first.

In a world that is constantly changing, you need a solution you can count on day in and day out. You need a workhorse who is a high performer. DuoDozen®1250M is a high output, high performance machine, producing fully enclosed packages quickly and reliably.


The workhorse for high speed can applications.

Package types

  • DuoDozen®
  • DuoStack®
  • Douwing®
  • Econodozen®
  • Economical Duodozen®
  • Duodozen® with bottle separation

Container Type:

  • Cans - aluminium, steel, composite
  • Bottles - glass


  • Diameter: from 50 mm to 70 mm
  • Height: 100 mm to 250 mm

Packaging Configurations:

  • 2x2
  • 2x3
  • 2x4
  • 2x5
  • 2x6
  • 3x3
  • 3x4

  • 3x5
  • 3x6
  • 4x4
  • 4x5
  • 4x6
  • 5x6


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