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Mixor® HP and Mixor® MP

Two white bottles with one that has a red and blue trigger sprayer and one that has an orange trigger sprayer.

Looking for the ultimate in compatibility?

Pair your product with the high-output Mixor® HP and Mixor® MP — they’re perfect for a wide range of consumer and commercial applications including lawn, garden and laundry. Both sprayers feature the patented Mixor engine for peak performance. 

And thanks to the smart, ergonomic design, these sprayers are comfortable in consumers’ hands. Options include barrel foam nozzles as well as child-resistant nozzles and shrouds for added safety.

Applications include: home, garden, auto, laundry, air, professional

Features & Benefits

  • High-output performance
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Easy to actuate
  • Reliable venting system
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use design
  • Child-resistant (CR) feature available


Mixor HP and Mixor MP product specifications.


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