Beauty & Personal Care


A large beauty and personal care bottle with a Harmony dispenser attached.

Strike a chord with the design and performance of Harmony. Featuring our Pure Path™ metal-free fluid path, this beauty & personal care dispenser gives your most sensitive formulas the extra protection they need. Alongside formula protection, provide your consumers with the harmonious experience of viscosity flexibility and superior priming capabilities. Offering functionality, a range of aesthetic styles, and options like lock-up or lock-down features, Harmony is sure to raise the profile of your product.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of styles
  • Different looks available with several standard heads
  • Ideal for liquid soaps and lotions, metal-sensitive and high-viscosity formulas
  • Lock-up or lock-down design
  • Pure Path™ technology for a metal-free fluid path
  • Extra protection for sensitive formulas


Harmony product specifications.


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