Food, Foodservice

Custom Food Dispensing Closures

A yellow mustard bottle with a custom food dispensing closure.

Some dispensing solutions can't be found in a catalog. If you require a custom product, WestRock has the development, design and manufacturing capabilities to help you meet any need.

Concept to Completion

Starting with market and consumer insights, we guide you through every step of the process - from conception, R & D prototyping and testing to commercialization and deployment.

Product Requirement Phase

Performance and Features Matrices
Alternative Commercial Solutions
Project Management Gantt Charts

Product Design Phase

Industrial design
3D concept renderings
SLA presentation models

Engineering Phase

Mold filling analysis
Finite element analysis
Prototype molded samples

Production Phase

High volume turnkey systems
Robotic automation
100% vision inspection


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WestRock’s entire line of dispensing solutions is manufactured to exacting standards—and is backed by the experience and support of our dedicated customer service team. Let us show you the difference innovative dispensers can make for your business.

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