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BOS®-2 & BOS®-2 Remote

Two white bottles with green and blue dispensing closures.

Continue to clean, cover and coat for extended amounts of time, all with a single touch of the trigger.

The BOS-2 features an ergonomic design and optional battery-operated actuation that significantly reduces finger and hand fatigue. Ready to use right off of the shelf, the BOS-2 works wonders for large-scale industrial applications that require wider coverage.

Applications include: home, garden, auto, and professional

Features and Benefits

  • Battery operated option (top load only)
  • Single-touch, continuous spray
  • Wide coverage for large-scale applications
  • Ready to use
  • Bent dip tube available on BOS-2
  • Ergonomic design and automatic operation reduce hand fatigue


BOS-2 product specifications.


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