Beauty & Personal Care


A white and pink tube dispenser for beauty and personal care.

Turn up the volume on customer satisfaction.

Consumers want more: More convenience, more value and a more upgraded experience with their skincare brands. Amplify delivers all this, and more.

This airless pump-on-tube offers clean and easy dispensing with an impressive evacuation rate that allows consumers to access most of the product. Its portable design is perfect for active lifestyles, creating a convenient and more premium packaging experience that deepens their connection to your brand.

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Clean. Convenient. Controlled.

Give your customers the upgraded skincare experience they seek with Amplify

  • A cleaner, more hygienic experience through controlled dispensing
  • Convenient, on-the-go use
  • All plastic, PurePath™ airless pump for superior product protection
  • High levels of evacuation (>96%)* for greater consumer value perception
  • Soft force-to-actuate for greater consumer comfort and control
  • Designed for both co-extruded or laminate tubes to capture the desired brand preference
  • Airless, Pure Path™ technology for a more high-end feel
  • Plastube’s IMAGEFORM tubes offer improved graphic quality and complex decoration combinations


Amplify product specifications.


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