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Meta® LS Machine

Meta SL low speed machine.

WestRock continues to expand its precision mandrel-forming technology with the patent pending Meta® LS case former, engineered to meet the demands of small to medium production operations. The unique case forming process of the Meta® LS offers the ultimate in flexibility with its ability to run a wide range of 4 and 8 sided case sizes and designs. Meta® mandrel formed cases are the only solution that can provide cost savings through improved machine efficiency and better box performance in your production line and distribution system.

Die-cut blanks across Meta® Systems equipment are precisely formed into cases around a fixed mandrel, minimizing case-skew and maximizing structural integrity. This precision enables better box performance on your production line and through your distribution system.

Features & Benefits

A large white and blue Meta 8 one piece container.

The Meta® LS case former:

  • Accommodates cases with high impact design for branding and product display appeal
  • Utilizes patented precision mandrel-forming tooling system
  • Handles flat, die-cut blanks efficiently from a vertical magazine
  • Facilitates easy change over and case size consistency
  • Offers design flexibility for 4-sided and 8-sided cases, perforations, and/or cut-out display windows
  • Allows for fiber reduction without risk of stacking strength
  • Incorporates Meta® Centering capability for efficient palletization
  • Forms cases at speeds up to 20 cpm


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