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DuoDozen® 1250M

DuoDozen 1250M high output, high performance, fully enclosed beverage packaging machine

The workhorse for high speed applications

WestRock's DuoDozen® 1250 is a high output, high performance beverage packaging machine that represents the industry standard for consistent output at high speeds. This beverage packaging solution offers a low cost of ownership and a wide range of packaging formats to help meet your dynamic secondary container packaging needs.
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DuoDozen 1250M Multipack Images

Primary Container Types

  • Aluminum and PET bottles
  • Aluminum cans

Machine Details


  • Auto lubrication system
  • Nordson hot melt glue system with on-screen computer control
  • 4G enabled on-line technical support
  • Integrated electrical panel
  • Auto machine prime
  • Auto machine washdown

Package Styles:

  • Econodozen™
  • DuoDozen
  • Fridgemaster®
  • DuoWing®

Max Speeds:

  • 2x2: 300 packs/minute
  • 2x6: 220 packs/minute
  • 3x packs: 240 packs/minute
  • 4x packs: 125 packs/minute

Package Formats:

  • Aluminum cans: 2x2 through 4x6
  • Bottles: 2x2 through 4x6


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